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Keep an eye on the parts of your body you may not have thought to check.

July is UV safety month. According to to, ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are the main cause of skin cancer. Part of skin cancer prevention involves checking out your skin for new moles and discolorations and changes in existing moles. Discover some unexpected spots to watch.

Dark brown spots or lines on your fingernails that aren’t a result of bruising or injury could be a sign of skin cancer.

Palms and the soles of feet
Don’t forget to check the bottom of your feet and your palms when you’re doing a basic self check for unusual moles and discolorations. Melanoma can develop on areas of the body that don’t receive much sun exposure. If you have any on your feet or palms, your dermatologist may recommend having them biopsied.

The scalp
Melanoma and skin cancer can develop regardless of whether or not your scalp is bare. Ask your healthcare provider to help you check for signs of skin cancer at your regular checkups or talk to a dermatologist. Wear a hat to protect your scalp from UV damage.

The ears
The ears are a common area for skin cancer, but not an area that many people remember to check or remember to apply sunscreen to. Check them for signs of skin cancer and bring up any findings during skin exams. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the whole ear, including crevices.

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