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Summer is one of those seasons that I anticipate, fantasize about, plan for, and then I blink and it’s over and I haven’t done half of the things I had hoped to do.

To fix that, two years ago I started my annual Summer Bucket List. My husband and I spent a few weeks brainstorming what types of things we wanted to do over the summer, made a list, and left it on our fridge so that we could check off each item, one-by-one as we did it. It was perfect for those nights when we wanted to plan a fun date, but couldn’t come up with anything creative.


The second year, we decided to start our Summer Bucket List in May, because hot Texas summers prohibit a lot of our outdoor adventures after mid-June. Things like eating dinner on a restaurant patio aren’t nearly as fun when it’s 110 degrees outside and the metal chair burns a permanent reminder of your night into the back of your legs. So we have since declared that summer in our house offiically runs May 1 through Labor Day.

This summer our bucket list will be a bit different – we’ll be welcoming our first baby in July, and I’m not really sure what to expect yet. This year’s list may be all about simplicity and relaxing by the pool. I guess we’ll play it by ear.

But for the rest of you, here’s a free printable of a Summer Bucket List that you can use with your family to brainstorm fun activities.


Download your own copy here

What will be on your list? Please share some fun ideas in the comments below. And, for more ideas, visit our Summer Bucket List page on Pinterest.


Bethe Wright is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at North Hills Hospital, a wife, and a first-time mom-to-be this summer.


This post is part of our series meant to encourage women in various stages of their lives to tune out the noise of society’s demands and find a balance that works for them, which in turn makes their whole families much healthier.

Meet Jennifer – single mom of two, full time physical therapist and community volunteer.

Hi Jennifer! Tell us a little about your family:
I am a physical therapist full time at North Hills Hospital and single parent to two daughters, ages 14 and 11.  I regularly volunteer at River Legacy Living Science Center and Mission Arlington.

What tips do you have for managing your time in the midst of so many responsibilities?
I make lists and keep a detailed calendar.  The list will show what needs to be done today and what can wait.

What are your best tips (or tricks) to get your family to eat healthy?
My daughters help with meal planning and grocery shopping.  When we go to the store, they each get to choose one item.  Last time the older one chose asparagus and the younger daughter cauliflower.  I encourage them to try different things and we find new recipes to try.

How has being a mom made you view sleep/rest differently?
I still make time to get plenty of rest so I can take care of what tomorrow will bring.  This might mean that something may not get done that day, but I will feel better the next day. Rest helps me to stay healthy and avoid illness.

What does a balanced life for you look like?
Having enough time for family, exercise, work and volunteering. 

What advice do you have for fellow women?
Make sure and make time for yourself to do the things you want.  Find out what is important to you.  This will help keep the balance and maintain your sanity.

In honor of organized women like Jennifer, we wanted to give you a free meal planning and grocery list download. Just click on the image to download your very own! This is only intended for personal use – not for resale.

What about you? What other tools do you use to stay organized while running a busy house? We’d love for you to share in the comments, or linke to your own blog post with some good tips.

I don’t know about you, but in an emergency, my brain doesn’t work very well. My one and only time to have ever gone to the emergency room for myself was several years back. It was before I met my husband, so I was home alone, it was about midnight, and after several asthma attacks, each getting progressively worse, I finally decided that if I didn’t do something soon, I could be in a very dangerous situation. And so I threw on some sweat pants and drove myself to North Hills Hospital’s ER.

Looking back, I should never have driven myself, but again, my brain doesn’t work very well in an emergency.

Now, typically when I go to the doctor, I am prepared. I bring all of my medications (when you have asthma, there’s a lot) in a ziplock bag so that if the doctor throws me a curveball by asking me specifics about my meds, I’m ready.

But when you drive yourself to the ER in the middle of the night, there’s no time to run around grabbing medications. Or anything else for that matter. You’re lucky if you remember your shoes.

Which is why it’s a good idea to keep an updated medication log for each person in your family. Keep it in a handy place so that if you’re in a jam, you’ve got everything you need to take with you.

And if you’re like me, you’re more motivated to keep up with it if it looks pretty.

(Click here to download)

And so here is my gift to you – a handy medication log that you can use for each member of your family. You’d better believe that my husband and I will have this all filled out, ready to go for the next emergency.

Only this time, he’ll be the one driving me.


Bethe Wright is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at North Hills Hospital. She has a husband, a dog, and a little yellow inhaler.

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