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At North Hills Hospital, your health and safety is always our number one concern. That is why we have created Radiation Right, a patient safety initiative to ensure that our patients are exposed to the minimal amount of radiation possible. How do we accomplish this? Find out here.

Right Exam. Before any testing is prescribed, our healthcare professionals will consider every other alternative testing and treatment options. Every patient is made aware of the risks and the benefits of each test ahead of time, also.

Right Site. Using universal protocol determined by the Joint Commission, we ensure that the correct test is being used for the specific site being treated. We take into account number of passes over the body, length of time exposed, and amount of exposure.

Right Dose. When diagnostic imaging is used to test a patient, we follow nationally accepted guidelines to be sure that only the lowest effective dose of radiation is used. Every patient’s medical history is taken into account to be sure that their lifelong radiation exposure is considered before testing.

While we make every effort to keep our patients safe, please remember that you are your best medical advocate. Please communicate your medical history clearly to your physician, including any testing using diagnostic imaging over the past six months. Take the first step toward being proactive about your healthcare by giving us a call to learn more about Radiation Right today. Please call North Hills Hospital at (817) 255-1000 with any questions.


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