Get the facts on common myths about being pregnant.

When you’re having a baby, you’ll come across plenty of advice. Your friends and family will probably give you lots of tips, but some of them may be based on common pregnancy myths. To help clear up the confusion, here are five of the most common pregnancy myths debunked.

1. Avoid getting stressed out or it will hurt the baby.
If you’ve seen headlines linking stress to problems in pregnancy, try not to worry. These studies are generally based around significant stress and trauma, not everyday worries. A normal amount of stress is fine. If you find yourself feeling like you’re unable to cope, talk to your doctor.

2. Pregnancy makes you crave ice cream and pickles.
Many women experience strange cravings during pregnancy, but they won’t necessarily be similar. This is a pregnancy myth illustrating how surprising cravings may be. You may not even experience any at all.

3. You’ll glow and feel wonderful while you’re pregnant.
Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean feeling blissful and content. For a variety of reasons, pregnant women may feel uncomfortable, sick or even depressed. Try not to set unrealistic expectations for yourself. It’s okay if you don't always feel great or better than usual.

4. You shouldn’t work out when you’re pregnant.
The American Pregnancy Association’s recommended guidelines do not prohibit a woman from working out. As long as your pregnancy is low risk, you can continue your normal fitness routine. Be careful about starting anything new or strenuous, and avoid contact or dangerous sports.Talk to your doctor about your workout plans.

5. You should be eating for two.
According to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, women should not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat more than is necessary. Eat what makes you feel good when you’re feeling nauseated, but try to focus on a balanced diet. Talk to your doctor about what supplements are necessary for you.

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