This summer, bring your little ones on the road without stressing out.

Having a new baby may make summer travel more complicated, but it doesn’t make it impossible. This year, enjoy your time away with these simple tips for new parents that will help make traveling with children much easier.

Consider renting baby gear.
If you’re heading out of town and it’s difficult to take items like a travel crib or rocker with you, consider renting baby gear at your destination. Do research online to find reputable businesses that rent items like cribs, car seats and other items to vacationers. If you have friends or family with young babies, you may be able to borrow items that are difficult to travel with.

Buy diapers when you get there.
Some items, such as diapers, are easily found everywhere you go. When you pack, avoid packing bulky items like diapers and wipes. Instead, hit a major retailer when you arrive at your destination. Just avoid convenience stores and tourist destinations, as the prices will likely be inflated.

Always have a change of clothes on hand.
You never know when a diaper incident is going to ruin a perfectly good outfit. Keep a change of clothes for baby tucked in your diaper bag, and while you’re at it, tuck away a spare clean shirt for yourself. Things happen when you least expect them.

Create an on-the-go essentials kit.
Put together a basic kit with items you need when traveling. This can include feeding gear, medicine, baby wipes, disinfecting wipes and pacifiers. You know your baby’s routine the best, so cater your kit to what you find you need every day. Don’t forget plenty of basic rags for wiping up spills and covering baby when you need to. As part of your planning, make sure you know how to access and contact the local hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends purchasing additional travel health insurance if needed.

If anything should happen, keep our kid-friendly ER at Alliance in mind during your summer travels. If you would like help finding a doctor, give our physician referral line a call at 1-855-5NHILLS.

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