My husband and I are expecting our first baby any minute. Okay, in four weeks, but technically she could arrive tonight if she wanted to (and we wouldn’t complain if she did). Mother’s Day and Father’s Day hit at that in-between time for us – technically we’re not parents yet, but we sure have done a lot of work preparing for baby girl’s arrival. And so we discussed it and decided that yes, indeed, we were going to celebrate both holidays this year.

Plus, let’s face it, we just love any excuse to celebrate.

My husband thoroughly spoiled me on Mother’s Day (hello prenatal massage gift certificate!) and I have some surprises up my sleeve for him this weekend. What about you? Did you celebrate Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day) while you were pregnant?

And, because I’m new at this – what were some of the BEST Father’s Day gift you or your kids ever got your husband? We’ve created a Pinterest board with some last-minute homade ideas for the kiddos, but we’d love it if you would share your ideas as well! Link to your blog post with your own idea, or summarize it in the comments below.


Bethe Wright is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at North Hills Hospital, a wife, and a first-time mom-to-be in July who will be delivering right here at North Hills.

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