I’ve officially entered my third trimester, and after six months of almost round-the-clock nausea, no energy and feeling like my body has been invaded by aliens, I must say that now I feel pretty good. I’m actually starting to enjoy this whole pregnancy experience, especially when I feel my baby girl kick and am reminded that I have a special life inside of me.

But in the midst of my newfound pregnancy enjoyment, I’ve also encountered something new. It’s the everyone wants to comment on your baby bump stage. And I mean EVERYONE.

Most people are very kind. In fact, it’s kind of like being a celebrity – I’m now big enough that it’s very obvious I’m pregnant, so people open doors for me, dote on me, tell me I’m glowing and that motherhood suits me. I love these people.

But then there are the others… the ones who make comments that in any other circumstance would be highly inappropriate. Like the two people last week who told me, “You’re so big, you MUST be having twins!”

Nope, there’s just one precious baby girl in there.

And then there are the others who insist on telling me I’m too big, not big enough, that I waddle, that I’m carrying high or low. Or, simply, that I’m so much bigger than (insert name of other person due around the same time as me).

I know I’m not the only one who gets this, so I asked some friends on Facebook to help me come up with a list of the:

Crazy things people say

10. When I told someone I wasn’t having twins she replied, “Maybe there are THREE in there.” – Kelly

9. During my last pregnancy, my own mother told her friend I was starting to resemble Shamu… right in front of my face! – Adriane

8. (Stranger): “You look like you are about to pop.”
    (Me): “I still have 10 weeks left.” – Camille

7. “We’re going to have to wheel you out of here in a wheelbarrow.” – Jean

6. “Oh, you are having twins! Wow, better you than me!” – Kimberly, mom of twins

5. “Are your twins natural or did you take hormones?” Not sure how this would be anyone’s business. –Kimberly, mom of twins

4. As a mother of two boys, when people found out my third was also a boy, the sad voiced/disappointed, “Awww…” or the “Are you going to try again for a girl?” question really made me mad. As if I was not as happy and blessed with my last boy as I was with the first. – Callie

3. A lady told me, “You know, I have a pregnant mare at home that looks just like you… she is about to have her colt any day.” I still had at least four months to go. – Stacy

2. “My daughter-in-law is due almost exactly the same day as you and she’s not NEARLY that big!” – Ashley

1. After looking at how VERY large I had become, someone bragged to me, “I only gained 18 pounds during MY pregnancy.” – Vicky

My favorite post came from Stacy, mom of two. She told me:

“The last two months of my pregnancy I would wait to go to the grocery store until late in the evening, in hopes of avoiding as many people – and their comments – as possible. One particular evening, I was walking into the store and a lady went out of her way to tell me I was the most beautiful pregnant woman she had ever seen. Whether she meant it, or not, it sure did boost my spirits. Since then, I have tried to make an effort to compliment pregnant women I see.”

Wouldn’t we all benefit if we took the same approach? Pregnancy is such a miracle – and a blessing – but it’s also a lot of hard work, and the more we can band together to encourage one another through it, the better we’ll all be.

What about you? What’s the craziest – or nicest – thing someone has said to you during your pregnancy?


Bethe Wright is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at North Hills Hospital, a wife, and a first-time mom-to-be in July who will be delivering right here at North Hills.

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