Top Docs

Each year Fort Worth Magazine announces the Top 100 Docs in Tarrant County.  This year the magazine sent more than 4,500 local physicians a survey, asking them to voluntarily rate their peers and name who they thought were the best doctors.  Those physicians who were willing to participate went online to cast their votes.  Congratulations to the following doctors who are on North Hills Hospital’s active medical staff.

Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery
James Anderson, M.D. (also named for Vascular Surgery)
Reza Khalafi, M.D.

Randall Hall, D.O.
David Slife, D.O.
Balaji Veerappan, M.D.

Colon/Rectal Surgery
Augustine Lee, M.D.

Balu Chandra, M.D.
Mark Murray, M.D.

General Surgery
Suhail Sharif, M.D.

Family Medicine
Maria Fawcett, M.D.
Karen Smith, M.D.

Mal Turner, M.D.

Infectious Diseases
Nikhil Bhayani, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Donald Frusher, D.O.

Ira Epstein, D.O.
Balamurugan Sankarapahdian, M.D.

Brian Ranelle, D.O.
Jerry Hu, M.D.

Steven Lund, DPM

Pulmonary Disease
Gary Jones, M.D.
James Siminski, M.D.

***All physicians are independent practioners and are not employed by North Hills Hospital.