Improve your quality of life with these helpful ways to prevent joint pain.

Joint pain and stiffness can leave you feeling frustrated and unable to enjoy your normal daily activities. To minimize and prevent pain, take steps to change your habits and improve your well being. Here are some tips on what you can do to prevent joint pain.

Start walking
Gentle walking can do wonders for joint pain and can improve your mood and overall health. Consider joining a walking group for motivation and the boost of companionship. Remember to let someone know where you’ll be if you plan on walking outdoors.

Lose Weight
Rebecca Thomann, PT, MPT, OCS, Orthopedic Service Line Coordinator at North Hills Hospital notes that, "Weight Management can also aid in decreased arthritis pain. Talk to your doctor about weight management programs to help find one that is right for you."

Talk to your doctor
You should always consult your doctor if you’re experiencing pain. Doctors will be able to guide you through discovering the causes of your joint pain, such as arthritis, and helping you find effective treatments. Ask your doctor if unconventional treatments like acupuncture may relieve your pain.

Consider physical therapy
When it hurts to move your body, you may need the assistance of a professional who can teach you how to exercise without pain and how to exercise to relieve pain and its underlying causes. If you're receiving physical therapy, be sure to closely follow your therapist’s instructions.

North Hills Hospital has therapists that can assist you with all levels of activity. Even if you have exhausted all conservative treatment options and are looking towards a Joint Replacement, preoperative physical therapy has shown to increase your rate of recovery after surgery. For more information you can reach North Hills Physical Therapy at 817 255-1672 or visit them online.

Be good to your joints
Avoid high impact exercises and move in ways that are gentle on your joints. Preventing joint pain isn’t just about keeping your movements gentle and safe. Joint pain can also arise from staying still for extended periods or holding a painful position. Be aware of how you sit at the computer or at work and get up and stretch frequently. shares more ways to prevent and manage arthritis.

North Hills hospital is certified by the Joint Commission as a certified hospital for total hip and knee replacements. For more information about this program and Joint Replacement, you can contact the North Hills Orthopedic Resource line at 817-255-1691 or visit their website. For a physician referral, please call 1-855-5NHILLS.

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