Learn how to get ready to run a 5K race this year.

A 5K is a great way to ease into running races. The length is reasonable for beginners and gives you the perfect opportunity to start training and get healthy. If you’re running the Cowtown Marathon 5K on February 23rd this year, check out their training tips to get you started on your journey.

Make healthy living your goal
The CDC reports that people of any age who are inactive can improve general health and well-being by becoming even moderately active on a regular basis. Pick an easy race, like a 5K, to get started. Mark the date and keep it in mind to help you stay motivated as you begin training.

Train with a friend
Don’t run alone when you run your first race. Enlist a friend to train with in person or someone you can compare workouts with as you both train for the race. A friend can motivate you and will give you a sense of accountability. Share your progress on Facebook or Twitter so your friends and family can encourage you.

Feel free to start slow
It’s okay to walk more than you run when you begin training. Try using intervals that work for your fitness level at the time you begin. You may need to walk for five minutes and run for only one minute. That’s absolutely fine. Just slowly increase the amount of time you run in between bouts of walking.

Ease into long runs
When you’re just getting started, go on short runs. A half a mile or a mile will help you ease into running. To avoid injury, you shouldn’t dive right into trying to run the entire 5K, so take breaks when you need them.

Support your feet and knees
You can’t run in any old shoe. To support your feet, ankles and knees, make sure you run in shoes that fit you well and aren’t too run down. You may want to try visiting a running store where an expert can help you find the right kind of shoe for your running style and body.

Get your body ready to start training. Start with a visit to your doctor for a physical. Visit North Hills Hospital online or call 1-855-5NHILLS for a physician referral. See you for the Cowtown Marathon!

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