Learn how to focus on fitness even when you’re busy.

Busy moms often spend a lot of time devoted to helping others. Whether it’s time spent at work or time spent attending to children’s needs, that time takes away from the opportunity to work out. Try these tips to make exercise a priority in your life despite your packed schedule.
Find a time that works for you
Be creative when it comes to finding time to work out. Depending on your routine, this time may be early in the morning before the school preparation rush, or late in the evening after the kids go to bed. Sneak in a quick lunchtime workout or go straight to the gym after your kids get on the bus. Keep a spare set of gym clothes in your car for last minute plans to work out on the go.

Work out with a friend
Make exercise a social activity by enlisting a workout buddy. Go on walks together, jog together or go jump on the elliptical machines at the gym together. In addition to providing you companionship, working out with a friend gives you a sense of accountability. You wouldn’t skip a lunch date, and likewise you wouldn’t skip a prescheduled time to work out with a friend.

Use a fitness program at home
Don’t have time to get out the house? Try a fitness DVD at home. There are many workouts that can be completed in less than half an hour. Supplement regular walking or cardio with one of these at-home workouts. Try a DVD that has specific short workouts for different areas of the body so you can switch it up.

Get moving with your kids
Exercise doesn’t have to be structured. Try getting rowdy with your kids. Chase them at the playground or in the yard. Play catch or go out riding bikes together. Even toddlers can keep you busy and get your heart rate up if you get down on the floor for some seriously fun play time.

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