I never knew that Kate Middleton and I would have so much in common. Not exactly the part about living in a castle and having an unlimited clothing budget. But the Duchess of Cambridge and I do share one unique gift – having round-the-clock morning sickness with our first babies.

That stuff isn’t for sissies.

Don’t get me wrong – I am absolutely THRILLED to be expecting a little bundle of joy next summer. My husband and I were delighted when we found out we were pregnant, and can’t wait to hold that precious boy or girl in July.

But I should have known I was in for a wild ride, since my first “sign” of pregnancy was when I mistakenly thought I’d gotten food poisoning. Only this food poisoning was different, because I just couldn’t shake it. And that’s how I’ve felt ever since – like I have food poisoning, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s been like that for two months now.

So like any first-time mom, I’ve solicited advice from those women who have gone before me and been through the same thing. According to one online article, morning sickness affects 75 percent of women, so I know I’m in good company.

Here are my go-to nausea remedies:
Crackers (in my purse, in my car, next to my bed – I don’t go anywhere without them)
Sour candies (a friend gave me Preggie Pops, but almost any sour candy will do)
Ginger tea
Ginger Ale, Sprite
Any sort of plain carbs – bagels, toast, pasta
Broth-based soups
WATER – I’m amazed at how much better I feel when I drink nothing but water.
Small, frequent meals – Big portions make me sick, as does an empty stomach (especially in the morning, which is why I keep crackers next to my bed).
Salty chips
Sea sick wristbands (I used to think it was hocus pocus, but they really do seem to help.)

All of those, plus an anti-nausea medication have kept me going. I’ll admit I get overwhelmed when I think about possibly feeling nauseous for another few weeks – my only way to cope is to take one day at a time.

baby wright

And in the meantime, I will dream about the day I go from “green” to glowing. Since I’m 11 weeks along, it should only be a little while longer.

What about you? Any other suggestions for morning sickness fixes, from one mom to another?


Bethe Wright is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at North Hills Hospital, a wife, and a first-time mom-to-be next summer.