Keep your family and home safe this holiday season.

During the holidays, your family's routine and environment can change a lot. Be aware of hidden dangers and what you should do to keep your family safe.

Keep an eye on little ones
Family gatherings can get hectic. Whether you’re celebrating at home or at a relative’s home, you should take extra care to watch your children. Don’t assume that an older child or another adult is watching the kids. Be especially cautious about household hazards when you’re visiting someone else’s home.

Be safe about fire
According to the CDC, most residential fires occur during the winter months. If you have a fireplace or fire pit, be watchful around children and follow the safety precautions associated with your equipment. Don’t light candles indoors. There are plenty of safe LED candles, including scented options. Know where your fire extinguishers are and check the batteries on your smoke alarms.

Don’t let your tree dry out
The US Fire Administration shares that Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires annually. To greatly lower your risk of a tree fire, keep your tree well-watered. A dry tree is a fire hazard, while a healthy, well-watered tree is not. Set a reminder on your phone or computer to help you remember.

Be careful in the kitchen
Avoid food borne illness this holiday season by carefully keeping your cooking surfaces clean and separated. Use a cooking thermometer to cook all meats to a safe temperature. Keep young kids out of the kitchen and away from sharp and hot objects.

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