Learn how to continue losing weight during the holidays.

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration. That doesn’t mean you have to postpone your diet or your healthy weight loss habits. Learn how to make smart substitutions that don’t dampen the fun of eating at holiday gatherings.

Serve low fat desserts. Pumpkin pie is a holiday favorite, but it can be fattening and high in sugar. Try serving fresh fruit with a low-fat dip and angel food cake with fresh berries. Look for a pumpkin flavored low-fat frozen yogurt or bake your own spiced cookies using options like wheat flour and applesauce instead of white flour and oil.

Be smart about meat. Trim holiday meats well. When serving ham, turkey or other meats at a holiday gathering, choose cuts that are lean and not cooked in butter. As you make your own plate, remember to serve yourself moderate portions and choose white cuts of meat when you can.

Use healthy ingredients. As you cook vegetables, side dishes and your Thanksgiving turkey, use healthy ingredients such as low-sodium broth and low-fat cheeses. Bake or broil vegetables and serve a wide variety of vegetable options at your table. Avoid side dishes that rely heavily on butter and sugar. Instead, flavor dishes with spices and flavor extracts.

Avoid high calorie drinks. Choose water or soda water with a dash of juice instead of drinking cider, alcohol or egg nog. Try sweetening tea and coffee with skim milk and a sugar alternative. Empty calories in drinks can derail your healthy eating habits.

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