Be proactive about your health and help prevent breast cancer.

Many women often worry about a potential breast cancer diagnosis in their future. But instead of worrying and waiting, women should instead be proactive about their health. There are steps every woman can take to reduce her risks. Here are three important ways women can help prevent a breast cancer diagnosis.

1. Control What You Consume

By eating well and keeping your weight within normal limits, women can reduce their risk of breast cancer. Post-menopausal women who are overweight tend to be diagnosed more often. Women should make an effort to fill up on healthy servings of fruits and vegetables rather than more processed foods with fewer nutritional benefits. Also, women should limit their alcohol consumption. Even one daily serving of alcohol may increase a woman's chance of breast cancer.

2. Know Your Family History

While only 10% of breast cancers are inherited, knowing your family's history can determine whether you should be screened earlier or more often. If your mother, grandmother or sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer, discuss your potential genetic risk factors with your physician. Genetic testing is available to determine whether you are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer in your future.

3. Get Screened Regularly

Be sure to talk to your physician about when you should be screened and which screening techniques are appropriate for you. Mammogram screenings can detect breast cancer at very early stages, making this disease highly curable if caught early on. Don't skip appointments, and keep your mammogram records up-to-date.

North Hills Hospital is here to help you put your breast health first and lower your risk of cancer. Patients now have access to a newly redecorated Women’s Imaging Center, which offers digital mammograms and bone density screenings in a female-friendly environment. Our mammograms also offer women mammopad to make your screening experience much more comfortable. If you would like a physician referral, please call 1-855-5NHILLS

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