Learn how to get your child ready for school in the fall.

In the midst of all your school wardrobe and school supply shopping, make time to check in on your child’s health before school starts. Here are five important ways to do that:

1. Get up to date with school physicals, immunizations and paperwork. Your child may need immunizations or a physical this year. Find out sooner than later so you don’t get caught up in the last minute rush. Your local health department and school fairs may be able to provide free or discounted school physicals and immunizations.

2. Fix that bedtime now. No more staying up late and sleeping in. To avoid cranky mornings and tired kids, start shifting bedtimes and wake up times now. This will help your child’s sleep rhythm adjust.

3. Start eating well in the morning. Breakfast is an important part of maintaining children’s energy throughout the day. Share resources from Team Nutrition to help teach kids the power of good nutrition. Hungry kids have trouble focusing and keeping up at school. Kids who skip breakfast may also be a greater risk of obesity.

4. Plan healthy lunches. Work together with your child to plan lunches your child will want to eat at school. You don’t have to get too fancy, but be sure to address the basic food groups, chose protein-based foods so that they stay fuller longer, and avoid sugary juices and snacks.

5. Be safe with sports. If your child plays a team or individual sport, make sure your child’s sports-related equipment and footwear are up to date and fit appropriately. Make sure your child has a sports physical or is cleared by their physician to play.

Take a moment to review these important food guidelines for children found in our Health Library. Do you need to find a physician? North Hills Hospital can help. Call 1-855-5NHILLS for a referral today. Here are some tips on our blog for picking the best pediatrician for your child!

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