Every mother-to-be has a certain idea of what her ideal labor and delivery experience will be. Every woman hopes for the positive experience of welcoming her new baby into her arms without any health complications. Most of the time, women also hope for a vaginal birth, which means less recovery time and a shorter hospital stay. To deliver a healthy baby, however, things don’t always go according to plan. Some pregnant women will need to undergo a caesarian section (C-section) for both their well-being and their child’s. Are you scheduled for a C-section? Not to worry. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

There Will Be Pressure but Not Much Pain during Surgery
Before a woman has a C-section, she is given either a spinal block or an epidural. Both will stop the pain so that she can remain awake and comfortable during the procedure. However, mothers giving birth via C-section do feel pressure as the baby is delivered. It may not feel comfortable, but it should not be excessively painful, either.

Mother and Child Still Have Bonding Time
After the baby is delivered, mothers typically do get a moment with their child in the OR. While it is not easy to hold a newborn during surgery, this moment can still be very special. As soon as the mother has recovered well enough from surgery, she will be reunited with her baby again and for the duration of her stay. Remember, women recovering from C-sections typically spend 3-4 days in the hospital. This time can be very special as a new mom bonds with her baby without the hustle and bustle of home life or older siblings.

Recovery Happens Fast
Immediately after surgery, many women are not in any rush to move or walk. However, the nurses on staff do a fantastic job assisting with recovery and helping mothers sit up, stand and even walk by the first night. New mothers will also have assistance with pain management during recovery so they can avoid discomfort as much as possible. During recovery, mothers will be assisted with breast-feeding techniques and they will be taught about infant care. Once their time in the hospital is over, new moms will be able to move, walk and function back at home again.

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