Larry Weiss, a retired postmaster, knew something had to be done when the pain in his first knee got as bad as it did.

“The pain was severe; I knew it was bone on bone.”

Larry found Dr. Thomas Carrell through friend recommendations, and his fears were confirmed. An x-ray and consultation verified that he needed a knee joint replacement and he scheduled his first procedure with Dr. Carrell in Killeen, Texas.

When Larry’s second knee started to show the familiar and painful signs of joint deterioration just like his first, he didn’t want to put it off any longer than necessary and knew Dr. Carrell was the answer. This time, Larry followed him up to North Hills Hospital for his procedure, where he now works as an orthopedic surgeon.

We asked Larry about his second knee replacement and his experience at North Hills.

How did you feel before the surgery? Did you have any concerns about the procedure?
I really had a great experience. I knew Dr. Carrell from my first procedure and I consider him a friend now, so I trusted him and knew how it would go. But the folks at North Hills still explained everything and told me what to expect from my surgery. They assigned me a very nice person who took me through the entire experience. They answered all of my questions and I really felt very comfortable going into surgery.

How did the procedure go?
My procedure wasn’t very long, about 3 hours or so. By that evening, I was eating and drinking and really didn’t need much pain medication at all. They also set me up with a machine that slowly flexed and moved my knee. I had great results and I think it helped my recovery a lot. I’ve had friends who didn’t get to use one after surgery and they didn’t recover as quickly as I did. The day after surgery, they had me up and walking with a walker. They let me go as far as I could walk and let me do as much as I was comfortable doing.

How was your recovery from surgery?
After two days in the hospital, I went home and then used a walker for about another week. But Dr. Carrell set me up with a therapist who could either come to my home or see me at the hospital. So, for three weeks, a therapist came to my home and helped me recover use in my knee. But once those three weeks were over, I was all set to do anything I wanted to do.

How do you stay active?
I’m a retired postmaster and now live on a 150-acre ranch where I restore antique cars and keep them in barns that I maintain. I also have an insurance agency that I run with my son. I’ve got plenty to do, but my knees don’t slow me down anymore.

We are so glad to hear that Larry is back up to speed and staying busy on what seems like a small slice of heaven in his part of Texas. If you have any questions about knee joint replacement, our Orthopedic Surgery Center, or our dedicated staff of physicians, surgeons, nurses and therapists, please call (817) 255-1000 or visit our website here.

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