It has happened. Your loved one needs to be taken to an E.R. immediately. You need to leave right away, but you just aren’t sure what to bring. Since emotions are at the surface, sometimes it is difficult to keep a clear mind and think carefully about the exact information emergency personnel will need for treatment. We suggest that you print this list out and keep it nearby. We want to help give you peace of mind so that you are prepared before you make the next dash to the E.R.

Insurance Information. Find all necessary health insurance information available for your loved one. If he has a separate prescription card, be sure to bring that too.

Identification. Take any official form of photo I.D. that you can find for your loved one. It should include his place of residence also.

Social Security Number. Some insurance documents do require the patient’s Social Security number, so be sure to bring this information along.

Medication. Take any prescribed medications with you, or bring a comprehensive list of medication, including prescribed types, exact dosages and the contact information for the pharmacist.

Medical History. Be sure you know your loved one’s medical history. Has he had surgery? Has he been hospitalized? Does he have any current medical conditions?

Side Effects and Allergy Information. Does your loved one have any known side effects to medication? Does he experience an allergic reaction to any medications? Does he have any allergies?

Contact Information. Bring along a contact sheet listing your loved one’s primary care physician, pharmacist, and any specialists that he may be seeing. Also, be sure to have contact information for his next of kin and others who might need to be made aware in case he is hospitalized.

A Pen and Paper. You may be overwhelmed with a lot of information at once. Keep a pen and paper handy and write down any information you receive. Since being at the E.R. can be emotional at times, it is easy to forget even the basic details. If you aren’t sure about what is happening, ask someone immediately. Emergency professionals are there to help you manage your loved one care, and they want you as informed as possible.

Children’s Comfort Items. If you are bringing a child to the E.R., be sure to bring along any special comfort items. That might be a favorite blanket, animal, or special book. Children can be scared in new situations, and bringing a bit of “home” with you can do a lot to comfort your child.

Are you wondering how you will remember all of this? Print out this useful E.R. Survival Kit, fill one out for each family member, and keep them someplace safe. If and when you need to go to the E.R. suddenly, this information will be right at your fingertips.

North Hills Hospital will welcome you and your loved one in case of an emergency. To find out the E.R. wait times at North Hills or any HCA North Texas Hospital, you can download a free iPhone app or visit our website. For a physician referral, please call (817) 255-1000 or visit our website here.

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