Last week, sort of spontaneously, we transitioned my son, Kyle, to his own bed. The circumstances around the transition were a little rushed and hurried—we had promised the crib mattress to someone who ended up needing it sooner than we expected—so there we were on Monday night, with a twin mattress and a toddler in the same room, and we were more than a little confused on how to handle the situation.

It went better than I feared it would go, yet not quite as smoothly as I hoped it would, but there were certainly no horror stories to share from the experience, so that’s a win in my book. It did take a lot of talking through, a lot of reassuring, a lot of kisses, a lot of checking in, but he stayed in his bed the entire night and has every night since. (Knock on a lot of wood.)

Let me tell you the pros and the cons of transitioning, though, from my limited experience, so you have as much information as possible to make your own (less-rushed!) decision.


· We get to read books in his bed now, so we’re both much more comfortable, and I think he gets a lot sleepier while I read than he did before.

· The pride he feels after sleeping in his bed all night seeps into his other activities. When he doesn’t feel like sharing with friends or when something scares him, we remind him what a “big, sweet, brave boy” he is, and he nods and acts accordingly.

· He’s more comfortable (which helps with the random, middle-of-the-night wake-ups, I think). The crib was becoming too small—plain and simple. We’d walk in to find his leg stuck through one slat, his arm through another, and his face smushed up against the wall. Now, he just looks comfortable, and he sleeps like he’s more comfortable, too.


· Well, there is that whole “he can just get up and walk into the hall if he wanted to!” aspect, which he will eventually do, even if he hasn’t so far.

· He felt more protected in his crib. It was a little prison, sure, but a safe one! Now, his whole room is accessible to him, so I see every toy or rogue item as super-dangerous. (I’m a wee bit paranoid, why do you ask?)

· When he does happen to wake in the middle of the night (just once so far), he’s slightly more anxious and overwhelmed by his surroundings (and, thus, harder to get back to sleep) than he was before. That’ll improve with time, I think.

All in all, I’m glad we did it. It wasn’t something I planned to do so quickly (he’s not yet two and a half), but I’m glad it’s going better than I feared.

If only potty training could be as painless!

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