Physical therapyIf you have been injured or recently had surgery, you may be in pain. That pain will likely not go away by itself, and you may need help in the healing process. One very useful strategy for regaining your mobility is physical therapy.

As you may know, physical therapists are medical professionals who focus on helping patients get back on their feet again. They can teach you exercises and stretches that help you build strength, increase flexibility, and improve range of motion. Depending on your condition, physical therapy may begin while you are still in the hospital and then continue on an outpatient basis.

Physical therapy can benefit you in these and other cases:

  • You have been hurt. You may have been in an auto accident or sustained a sports injury on the playing field. Physical therapy can treat these and other injuries, as well as broken bones after they heal. By working with a physical therapist, you can restore your strength and movement.
  • You have undergone an operation. Many surgical procedures can affect muscles, and you may need to rebuild them. Other surgeries can result in physical discomfort. Therapy can help you get stronger and move past the pain.
  • You have had a stroke. After suffering a stroke, you may find that many of your muscles don’t move the way they did before. A physical therapist can help you with range-of-motion exercises and offer advice for doing everyday activities.
  • You have a spine condition. If you have back pain or a damaged spine, physical therapy can be helpful. Through stretches and adjustments, you may be able to take the pressure off the damaged nerves or muscles.
  • You suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive motion (such as working at a computer all day) can cause pain, but physical therapy can assist in strengthening the muscles that have been affected.
  • You live with arthritis. Many people who have arthritis fear that exercise will hurt, but physical therapists can help you learn to move your muscles and joints in the right way. Through treatment, you will build muscle strength, which offers your joints more support.

At North Hills Hospital, we offer physical therapy services, as well as occupational therapy, speech therapy, swallow therapy, and wound care. Our team will evaluate your condition and create an individual treatment plan that meets your needs. You can count on our physical therapists to offer you compassionate and effective care.

“The therapy staff members at North Hills Hospital are very diverse with many years of experience,” explains Stacey Seifert, Director of Physical Therapy. “Our therapists possess a variety of specialty certifications to provide superior care to patients with a wide range of diagnoses and functional levels.”

To learn more, contact Therapy Services at North Hills Hospital. Visit us online or call 817-255-1672 for more information. Serving North Richland Hills and Northeast Tarrant County, we’re here to help you recover.


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