What do you get when you combine 80 women, a good meal, holiday fashion advice and a couple of doctors?

You get our first annual Girls Night Out at North Hills Hospital.

We were so pleased to have 80 women come out on a Friday night to enjoy a presentation from Chico’s about dressing up your holiday wardrobe.  I think we’re all lusting over this fabulous pin and planning our next purchase.

After we all became certified fashionistas, Dr. Martha Wills spoke to us about breast cancer and the new developments with digital mammograms. Dr. Carla Tabbs talked to us about ablation techniques and women’s weight loss. Then the men spoke, with Dr. Balaji Veerappan explaining cholesterol medication and LDL vs. HDL, and then Dr. Thomas Carrell talking about new orthopedic implants created uniquely to fit women. They were brave lucky men to spend an evening with so many fabulous women.

To everyone who came out to the event, we want offer a heart-felt THANK YOU. To those who didn’t make it (or who were on our waiting list) we hope to see you next year at an off-site event that will allow us to involve more women.

You can help us design our next event. What topics would you like to see us cover?