Dr. David Bass at North Hills Hospital is the first physician in the Mid-Cities to use the Third Eye Retroscope, a state-of-the-art piece of technology that uses a tiny camera and light source to give physicians a more complete view during colonoscopy exams and improves identification of abnormalities in the colon.

Operating as a “rear-view mirror,” the Third Eye Retroscope helps prevent potential blind spots from occurring by providing an additional view of the colon, making it easier for the physician to identify polyps. Polyps are tumor growths on the inner lining of the colon that are fairly common and can be either pre-cancerous or cancerous. Early identification of polyps can prevent the possible development of colon and/or rectal cancers.

Dr. Bass was recently involved in a clinical study which showed that when used in combination with standard colonoscopy technology, the Third Eye Retroscope increased polyp detection by 14.6 percent. The device has undergone thorough testing and has been cleared by the Food & Drug Administration.

Written by David Bass, M.D. – Specializing in Gastroenterology
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