Nobody ever wants to come to the hospital. Okay, maybe expectant parents, ready to deliver their new bundle of joy. But otherwise, we realize that if you’re seeing us, it means you’re probably having a very stressful day.

So here’s some hints to make your stay more comfortable. We asked our friends on Facebook, as well as our hospital staff, to give you simple tips to make your stay at our hospital –or any hospital– more comfortable.


Martin, who works in our surgery department, recommends that you bring all of your medications in a plastic bag. It’s good to bring a list as well, but having the actual meds will help your nurse know your exact dosage and the full name for your medications. Make sure you include over-the-counter medicines and vitamins in your list.


Beth from I.T. has a great idea: if you have a special pillow from home that you just have to sleep on, put it in a bright pillow case so that it doesn’t accidentally get mixed in with our hospital pillows. Cindy from Facebook says to bring socks, and ask for a heated blanket if you’re in the emergency room. Sue from Facebook says she likes to bring a book, and Matthew from Facebook says he always brings a deck of cards.

Danny, our chaplain and patient advocate, recommends leaving your valuables at home – it’s just one more thing you have to keep up with. He also says that visitors should dress in layers, because parts of the hospital can get quite cool.


Jenny from Case Management says that for patients having a scheduled surgery, make sure you have someone already lined up at home to assist you as you heal. She also recommends that you stock your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks, easy-to-fix meals, and favorite foods so they can be handy during your recovery.


Mary, a nurse on our medical/surgical unit, says you should write down your questions as they come up so you don’t forget them when your physician makes rounds. Our hospital provides you with pen and paper to keep a list of all your important questions.

Lisa from Facebook says that if you have a question or concern about your care, you should call a patient advocate. At our hospital, that’s Danny, and we think he’s pretty fabulous. You can always call him at 817-255-1176, or just ask the operator to connect you.


Danny says to tell your neighbors you’re in the hospital so they can watch your house while you’re gone, and make sure you arrange for someone to take care of your pets. Also, bring a list of important phone numbers with you – it will help you and your loved ones communicate with those around you about your condition and your needs.

And my best recommendation? Bring a loved one with you to the hospital. If you’re sick or in pain, you probably won’t be thinking straight, and it’s good to have someone help you think of questions and clarify directions with your caregivers. Having someone advocate for you while you concentrate on getting well can make a huge difference.

Have we left anything off? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know what advice you have for someone coming to the hospital.

Written by Bethe Spurlock, Marketing/Public Relations Director at North Hills Hospital