Here’s the thing you should know about North Hills Hospital employees: we’re just regular folks who happen to be super passionate about taking care of patients. We’re also extremely competitive folks – we love to win regional, state, and national awards.

But it’s not every day we make national headlines, especially for such an important story – one that can change the way we look at the last few weeks of pregnancy. We are seeing a shift in our culture as moms realize that an extra week or two of keeping that “bun in the oven” can make a big difference for your baby’s health. It’s not just about allowing your baby time to add an extra pound or two, but those last few weeks are vital to the development of your baby’s lungs, and his or her ability to nurse.

So anyway, we’re a bit excited to see our beloved hospital make national headlines. If you happen to see one of our employees over the next few days, and her feet aren’t quite touching the ground, you’ll know why.

To view the story for yourself, check out these sites.

1. MSNBC’s national website!

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