A North Hills Hospital, our staff talks about taking care of every patient “as if they were our own.” We look at every patient as if they were our mother, father, sibling or child. And quite often, we really DO take care of our own. Here’s one example:

Bart Burgess has always been an outstanding nurse, going above and beyond to make his cardiac patients more comfortable.

ReAnna works in Medical Records. Her dad is in the hospital, and Bart was assigned to be his nurse. Knowing that her dad would be in the hospital over Christmas, ReAnna and her family decorated his room with Christmas decorations. However, he was soon transferred to a different unit.

So Bart took the initiative to move all of the Christmas decorations to the new room, so that when he arrived, everything would look exactly the same as before. The whole family was amazed and touched by his generosity.

But it didn’t stop. ReAnna’s dad was later moved to a third room on a different unit, and again, Bart decorated his new room. ReAnna’s whole family has expressed their appreciation to Bart for this small gesture that made things a little more special for their dad at Christmas.